Porsche保時捷--There is no substitute. 無可替代
BMW寶馬--Ultimate Driving Machine. / Sheer Driving Pleasure.
Benz奔馳-- The best or nothing. 領導時代,駕馭未來
Volks wagon福斯--Think small.
TOYOTA --Moving Forward.(台灣、美國) / Drive Your Dreams.(日本)
Aston Martin 奧斯頓•馬丁--Power, beauty and soul.
Jaguar--Grace, space, pace. The art of performance.
Mitsubishi Motors Outlander--看見不一樣的人生風景
Nissan日產--Shift the future. 改變未來
Honda本田--The power of dreams.
Harley Davidson哈雷摩托車--American by birth. Rebel by choice.
Suzuki鈴木--Way of life
Hyundai現代-- Drive your way / New thinking New possibilities
Skoda--德制經典 百年工藝
Subaru速霸陸:Think. Feel. Drive

Apple--Think different.
Mac Pro蘋果桌上型電腦--Beauty outside. Beast inside.
Google--Don't be evil.
Blogger部落格服務--Push button publishing.(Google公司所有)
IBM--Solutions for a small planet.
ASUS華碩--Inspiring Innovation,Persistent Perfection
Sony--Make believe. Sony / Someone needs you !
Nokia--Connecting people.
Imax--Think big.(一種更大、更高解析度的電影放映系統)
Playstation sony遊戲主機--Live in your world. Play in ours.
Nintendo 64任天堂--Get N or get out.
Panasonics國際牌--Ideas for Life
LG-- Life's Good
Philips飛利浦--Sense and Simplicity精於心,簡於形
SAMSUNG三星--everyone’s invited. 數字世界,人人分享
Siemens西門子--This is how 知其道,明其妙
Toshiba東芝--Leading Innovation
Intel英特爾--Leapahead 超越未來
EPSON愛普生--Exceed your vision
Dell戴爾--Yours is here
NEC--Empowered by innovation

Calvin Klein--Between love and madness lies obsession.
Levi’s--Quality never goes out of style.
Diesel Jeans牛仔褲--Be stupid.
Vitoria's Secret維多利亞的秘密--Sexy. Glamorous. Innovative.
Tag Heuer泰格豪雅(瑞士名表)--Success. It's a Mind Game.
De Beers--A diamond is forever.鑽石恆久遠,一顆永留傳
DuPont都彭打火機精品--The miracles of science.
Nikon--At the heart of the image.
Canon佳能--See what we mean. / Delighting you always 感動常在
Olympus--Your vision. Our Future.

Walmart--Save Money. Live Better.
Ebay--Buy it. Sell it. Love it.
McDonalds麥當勞--I'm lovin it. 我就喜歡!
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)肯德基--Finger lickin' good. 吮指回味樂無窮
Haagen-Dazs冰淇淋--Pleasure is the path to joy.
Subway潛艇堡--Eat fresh.
Maxwell House麥斯威爾,咖啡--Good to the last drop.
Burger King漢堡王--Have it your way.
Coca-Cola可口可樂-- Always Coca Cola. 就是要可口可樂
Pepsi百事可樂--Ask for more / Dare for more
M&M巧克力--Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. 只溶你口,不溶你手
雪碧:Obey your thirst.順從你的渴望
品客:Once you pop, you can't stop.品客一打開,嘴巴停不了
Johnnie Walker-- Keep Walking.
曼陀珠The freshmaker! 清涼的來源

L’Oreal巴黎萊雅--Because you're worth it. 因為你值得
MaxFactor. The make-up of make-up artists. 麥斯佛陀:-化妝師所使用的化妝品
M & S (Marks & Spencer)瑪莎百貨--The customer is always and completely right!
Fedex (Federal Express) 美商聯邦快遞--When there is no tomorrow.
Red Cross紅十字會--The greatest tragedy is indifference.
Disneyland迪士尼樂園--The happiest place on earth.
Fortune Magazine財富雜誌--For the men in charge of change.
Holiday Inn假日酒店--Pleasing people the world over.
Yellow Pages黃頁--Let your fingers do the walking.
Kodak--Share moments. Share life.
News Statesman--Expand your mind, change your world.
Electronic Arts美商藝電(娛樂軟體公司)--Challenge everything.
Vodafone全球最大無線電信業者--Make the most of now.
AT&T美國電話電報公司-- Your world. Delivered. / Reach out and touch someone.
T-Mobile美國電信業者--Stick Together 
Clairol--Does she... or doesn't she?
Visa信用卡--It's everywhere you want to be.
UBS瑞銀--You & US 瑞銀與您
GE通用電氣--Imagination at work 夢想啟動未來
BASF巴斯夫--The Chemical Company
United Airlines聯合航空--Fly the friendly sky.
GEIGO美國保險公司--I am here to save you MONEY
Metropolitan Life大都會國際人壽--Have you met life today?
Dixon狄克森樂器--The last place you want to go.
General Electric奇異--Imagination at work.
Energizer--Keeps going. 勁量電池渾身是勁
Survivor TV Series--Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.
The National Lottery--It could be you.
NBA美國職籃-- Where amazing happens。I Love this Game 

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